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Something For The Ladies

NOW available at Michela’s Home Comforts!

    Check out this revolutionary nail system that has been specially formulated for thin, brittle and weak nails. It contains iron, calcium and magnesium, allowing this nail strengthener to effectively strengthens nails, leaving them more resistant to chipping
    Can be used as a base coat or simply on its own for a natural look

    £6 each (15ml) BUY NOW

    Pro Strong Nail Strengthener.002
    Pro Strong Nail Strengthener
    Check out this rich, glossy top coat for your polished nails. This liquid top coat forms a diamond-hard coat that protects your nails from breaking, chipping and flaking and best of all it will not dry your nails out

    £6 each (14ml) BUY NOW

Dazzling Diamond Nail Strengthener.002
Dazzling Diamond Nail Strengthener
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Kids Gift Bags & Costume All In One

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here on my website and got some great children’s Dress up Gift Bags for you. They are NEW to Michela’s Home Comforts and are just £5 each

They are easy to transform from birthday gift Bag to costume. Simply pop out the bottom of the bag and use the handles as sleeves. The mask on the front of them are easy to remove

Dimensions: Height 40cm x Width 38cm x Depth 15cm