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One For All The Mums


NEW Sticky Stuff Remover! £5
Being a Mum myself I know how kids can get things everywhere, from Crayon on the walls to paint on there cloths and my carpet or brand new shoes full of scuff marks only after a few days of usage.

Sticky Stuff Remover Liquid_001

Well fear not Sticky Stuff Remover! from De-Solv-it many be just what you and I are  looking for. It comes in bottles of 250ml; has a powerful formula and is also safe to use on Plastic, Glass, Fabric, China and even Skin

Its been designed to remove

Chewing Gum, Tar, Adhesive, Wax, Wet Paint, Sticky Tape, Label Residue, Crayon, Grease, Grim, Shoe Polish, Scuff Marks, Sealant and much more!