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NEW Fragrances just Arrived

Yardley Peony                                                   Buy Now £10.95

Yardley Royal English Daisy                         Buy Now £10.45


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Yardley Peony:
The delicate peony lends this scent a floral bloom, with both the flower and the bud appearing at the heart of the fragrance.

Yardley Royal English Daisy:
An elegant dewy fresh, green floral fragrance, reminiscent of flower filled meadows in the spring sunshine

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Hands Free Hair Dryer


Hands Free Hair Dryer_3

Yes that’s right hands free hair dryer, bet you have not heard of one of them before! Neither have I but I know I would love to get my hands on one and test it out!

This powerful hairdryer from Carmen features 3 temperature controls, 2 speed settings and a locking cool shot button. It also comes with a concentrate nozzle for easy styling and a soft finger diffuser to enhance curls.

It also has an ionic generator with smart fusion heat technology to reduce frizz and add moisture. It can be used like a conventional hair dryer as well and is easily converted to hands free as it has a removable handle and detachable base.



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Boots Them Lashes!


Lash Booster_2

Designed to gradually lengthen and thicken lashes whilst leaving them silky soft and curly all day . It can be worn on its own or under mascara

Contains Pro-vitamin B5 which strengthens lashes; Vitamin E to moisturise and stimulate growth

Please message me if you would like to buy

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Something For The Ladies

NOW available at Michela’s Home Comforts!

    Check out this revolutionary nail system that has been specially formulated for thin, brittle and weak nails. It contains iron, calcium and magnesium, allowing this nail strengthener to effectively strengthens nails, leaving them more resistant to chipping
    Can be used as a base coat or simply on its own for a natural look

    £6 each (15ml) BUY NOW

    Pro Strong Nail Strengthener.002
    Pro Strong Nail Strengthener
    Check out this rich, glossy top coat for your polished nails. This liquid top coat forms a diamond-hard coat that protects your nails from breaking, chipping and flaking and best of all it will not dry your nails out

    £6 each (14ml) BUY NOW

Dazzling Diamond Nail Strengthener.002
Dazzling Diamond Nail Strengthener